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Gran Paradiso Adventure Park

What is the Gran Paradiso adventure park? A peaceful place, surrounded by a beautiful century-old chestnut forest. Acrobatic paths of different length and difficulty for those who want to experience the adventure from a different perspective.

Suspended platforms, rope bridges, jumps and many stunning steps.

Hovering between the treetops, balanced on a trunk, slipping silent hung from a pulley or facing the emotion of a jump in a vacuum, in complete safety and in respect of nature. All this and more is the Gran Paradiso adventure park.

The adventure park promotes recreational and educational activities in contact with nature suitable for everyone: enthusiasts of sports and nature, tourists and school groups.

Where we are

Gran Paradiso Adventure Park is present on GoogleMaps, easily accessible from any GPS navigation system. A stone's throw from Gran Paradiso National Park, close to many services and points of interest for tourists and mountain lovers !